Youth Information Centre (OMIX Ribadavia) has been established to support young people from our town within the framework of non-formal and informal education. Together with European volunteers we are creating a platform for young people to help them reach their goals. We are working with and for the youth. We encourage their involvement by facilitating innovative free time activities, stimulating their creativity, developing different skills and sharing information. We support youngsters to organize diverse activities, participate in international events, and become active European citizens. We intend to give all young people from our town the possibility to increase their self-awareness, to use and develop their capacities, and to actively participate in the construction of a united Europe to create one European platform for informal cooperation. OMIX Ribadavia is a member of the Galician Youth Information and Documentation Network of the Autonomic Government.

Omix Ribadavia has cooperated with numerous partner organizations from all over Europe. We regularly send our participants – young leaders of the town of Ribadavia – to training courses, study visits and youth exchanges implemented by our partner organizations. We also establish partnerships with EVS sending organizations. Thanks to the fruitful cooperation with our partner organizations in the past years, OMIX Ribadavia has greatly expanded its network and been able to give opportunities to local youth to experience intercultural exchange, thus raising their awareness of intercultural dialogue and cooperation.

We will be responsible for adequate recruitment and preparation of participants, communication with the host organization and dissemination and exploitation of results of the Activity. We have experience in different European programmes and we work within the frame of Youth programmes since 2007.