We are looking for 1 volunteer: media project, Poland, 12 months

Your passion is photography? Maybe you love making short movies or writing? If yes and if you want to meet new people from the whole Europe, you are creative, independent and you would like to get to know Poland we are inviting you to take part in our EVS project!

As a volunteer, with the support of the coordinator you will be responsible for creating different media materials like films, photos and texts regarding EVS and different local and international projects organized by our organization.

Centre for Youth cooperation and Mobility exists since 2000. Apart from EVS we realize various types of projects such as International Youth Meetings, Study Visits for young people from Eastern Europe, different local projects addressed to young people, including youth with disabilities.

You will prepare promotion materials, photo/movie relations, gather the stories, make interviews etc. You will be involved in the whole process starting from proposing your own ideas, through the whole production and finishing on distribution of the materials on the Facebook profile, YouTube channel and the website. All of the work will be based on team work with co-workers.

In addition to this you will share information about your country, EVS or your passion during the workshops in local schools, institutions and other organizations in our city and around it.

All of this activities will be a chance to meet and work with different groups of people, get to know various places and organizations and realize your own ideas!


The Volunteer should be generally interested in journalistic work (film making, taking photos, writing), should be creative, communicative and be able to work independently. The volunteer should also like to work with different groups, be open for people from different countries, on different age, with different background. On the whole, the Volunteer should be open-minded to contribute with one’s own creativity and willing to develop his/her personality. It is welcome if the Volunteer has basic English skills and is willing to study Polish, which would help a lot in daily life of a volunteer and will enable him/her to be more involved into the organization’s life.

To apply write to OMIX!



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