Let’s Empty our Minds and Fill them with Creativity!

AUGUST 1-9, our Youth Exchange is about to start!


In Ribadavia and Castrelo


The aim of the exchange is to support young Europeans in their own self-development through establishing a habit of practicing meditation, mindfulness and creativity with a special focus on creative writing. This will help participants to realise that through meditation and regular self-understanding, they can become more confident about their life and dare to design it according to their interests, dreams and goals. Through the activities, like Morning Meditation and Morning Pages, participants will learn to clear their mind in an easy and natural way in order to be ready to create something new through different forms of writing (Facebook messages, blogs, poetry, novels etc.).


  • Enhance self-awareness, self-esteem and concentration through meditation and mindfulness, which contributes to the self-development;
  • Enhance ‘learning by doing’ through a creative writing approach;
  • Improve the sense of initiative by obtaining a focus on own creative / cultural goals (write a novel, open a blog, etc.) and give tools on how to achieve them;
  • Raise awareness of diversity in freedom of expression in Europe and outside Europe;
  • Create an intercultural dialogue and support future collaboration among participants through social media and blogs;
  • Enhance the importance of commitment and habits in the creative process, especially through meditation activities and daily morning pages.
  • Raise awareness of European citizenship in the context of self-development and creativity that can be added to participants’ local communities and Europe to become a better place.

Header image: Fleeing creativity by berthjan


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