5 Participants needed for Youth Exchange ‘INPUTS’ in Portugal (30/08/16 – 10/09/16)

Youth Exchange “INPUTS: Inspire People to Understand Together the Society”

The Exchange will be held here in Beja – Portugal between 30 August to 10 of September 2016 (Incluide Travel days).

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.17.13

12 countries: Portugal, Associação Check-IN; Italy – Associazione Agrado; Slovenia –PINA; Poland – “RA i DO” Foundation; Hungary – HVSF; Spain – OMIX RIBADAVIA; Turkey –TREX; Greece –Youthfully Yours Gr; Germany –Mostar Friedensprojekt e.V.; ; Croatia – Raplection; Lithuania –WE GO and Slovakia – A.D.E.L.

60 Youth Participants: 5 participants from each organisation (18 – 30 Years Old)

Destails about the project:

The project will have 5 general stages:

  1. Investigating and finding out successful experiences about youth creativity and initiative/entrepreneurship in the 12 countries (presentations);
  2. Motivating and empowering participants’ life/job competences through simulation games, tasks to solve in group, decision games, group activities, discussions and video/posters;
  3. Teaching “How to present yourself” through three different ways, giving them three different possibilities to gain and improve their skills: Communication through media & new technologies: How to use new technologies to present yourself in a representative way to increase chances for employability, especially in different social media platforms; Plastic & visual art: How to present your competences in a visual way. Presentation of visual art possibilities for employment (ex: different creative ways for making CV to attract attention of employers); Performance arts: How to express yourself with your body, with music, dance, juggling, theatre etc. and use this as an added value when looking for a job;
  4. Transferring all the acknowledgements and competences gained in the final event for sharing with the local community “INputs Day” (the kind of activity is going to be decided through a common decision as exercise of democracy);
  5. Evaluating of activities and learnings.


Check-IN on the European Youth Portal

Check-IN website


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