EVS in Czech Republic, 12 months starting in October 2016

Domeček is currently looking for 1 volunteer for 11 – 12 months (starting October 2016).

The organisation provides out-of-school education for children, youth and adults. They need a volunteer motivated to work with children and prepared to communicate with local people, because he/her will be the only volunteer in town. In the past two years they hosted two young girls aimed more on art and creative activities. This year they would like to host a volunteer who is more aimed on sport and sport activities.

This year they have a group of young people, who are making videos and small films about activities and events. The volunteer could help the children with this project, if interested.

The main activity of the volunteer will be working in the Youth club. It’s the place for meeting of young people and children. The club works in the afternoon and offers different kinds of activities for children and young people e.g.: table tennis, table football, computers with internet, pool table, wi-fi, home cinema, different kinds of board and video games. The volunteer should be helpful with organising and thinking the club’s program up.

The working time will be 35 hours a week. And the volunteer will make the weekly and monthly plans together with the coordinator.

The volunteer has several opportunities of working in the organization. He/She can:

  • participate in sport activities (florball, football, voleyball), dance activities (streetdance, brakedance, folklor dances), creative activities (painting, ceramics, making small models) and others (juggling, kids club, cooking etc.),
  • make his/her own workshops due to his own idea,
  • teach his/her native language, English or other languages,
  • work as a camp instructors in different kind of camps (sport, art, outdoor, dancing or summer  camp, ski, climbing and boating courses),
  • work with information technologies and promotion (poster design, website etc.),
  • work on hiz/her own project,
  • help with organizing events for public,
  • learn czech language,
  • other activities.

 If somebody is interested please contact OMIX to send the CV and motivation letter!


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