OPEN CALL for a Spanish Volunteer in Latvia

An organization from Latvia, Radi Vidi Pats is offering a NEW EVS project willing to host 2 volunteers, one from Spain and another from any country. The volunteer should be ready to live in a very little community and be active and creative.

Duration: September, 2016 – May, 2017; 9 months

Title of the project: Lost and found in Pelči castle

Location: Pelči parish, Kuldiga region, Latvia (Letonia)

Application deadline: 31 of March, 2016


The hosting organization
Pelči parish administration.
Pelči is a small village with 1,089 inhabitants. There are no regular schools in Pelči and children and young people attend schools in Kuldiga, the nearby town with 12 000 inhabitants. Part of Pelči population, moreover, are poor, some living in disadvantaged families, but also in such families grow talented children with great potential for self-development. We believe involving volunteers from European countries in work with children and young people would be very useful to this audience.
Pelči parish administration cares not only about the local community’s economic and social needs, but also provides support for the education and culture. These areas are represented by Pelči Parish Library (situated in the castle) in collaboration with the People’s House, organizing events and activities for lifelong learning, foreign language courses, camps, etc.
Pelči parish administration cares about the education and personal development of its younger generation, promote its involvement in active citizenship and widening the life perspective of young people by providing new opportunities and experiences through international projects. In 2011 there was renovated and landscaped a leisure place “Pagrabiņš” in order to provide space for local youth, but it is not fully used. The volunteers have all of the options out there to work with children and young people. So there is totally equipped space volunteers could use for the workshops, lectures, thematical evening, games etc. beside the work in the library.

The aim of the project

To foster the intercultural dialogue in Pelči community by involvment of European volunteers in local cultural heritage study and work with youth and children.

Proposed activities
Creation and maintenance of Pelči historical patrimony digital collection (photo and video creation, etc.).

Involvement in the organization of parish events (festivals, events, such as the annual Legends Night in Pelči palace)
Engagement in the Pelči library international project “Joy of reading unites the North and South” (project is organized on the own initiative of the Pelči library, , in collaboration with the Viana library in Spain without additional funding) activities;

Promotion of the intercultural communication and related activities (presentations about volunteers’ culture, culinary, discussions, movie nights, storytelling etc.)

Foreign language classes in the library (especially Spanish language classes the library already organizes. Therefore it would be very useful to host a volunteer with Spanish as a native language);

English classes for kids in Pelči parish kindergarten, which is not offered to learn English;

Motivational games, interactive lessons for youth groups;

Sports activities for children and young people;

Drama, dance and / or music lessons;
Support for volunteers
Regular mentoring with experienced mentor and former EVS volunteer Annija Stūrmane who will support volunteers in their non-formal learning evaluation besides of being a guide in local environment.
Latvian language classes 3 hours per week.
Project is coordinated by experienced NGO Radi Vidi Pats
Accommodation provided in the fully equipped flat in the Pelči village covered by project organizational costs.
Monthly food 100 EUR, transport 20 EUR and individual support 80 EUR provided by coordinating organization.
Travel costs from volunteers’ sending organization to hosting organization reimbursed according to the European distance calculator

On arrival and mid-term evaluation organized by Latvian National agency.

Volunteers willing to apply should fill in the attached application form and send to the project coordinator Agata Babina by 31 of March, 2016.

Don’t hesitate to contact the project coordinator in case of any questions regarding this particular project.


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