ERASMUS+ presentation in school

What is Erasmus +? The new EU programme for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport for 2014-2020

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Erasmus Plus Opportunities (Key action 1):

  • Youth Exchanges (Up to 21 days)

1. Informal learning methods: a mix of workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, simulations, outdoor activities;

2. develop competences;

3. become aware of socially relevant topics/thematic areas;

4. discover new cultures, habits and life-styles, mainly through peer-learning;

5. strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, friendship.

  • Mobility of youth workers

1. Youth workers’ training and networking supports the professional

development of youth workers;

2. Activities: transnational/international seminars, training courses, contact-

making events, study visits, job shadowing/observation periods abroad in an

organisation active in the youth field;

3. Activities are arranged by the organisations participating in the project;

4. The participation of youth workers in such activities contributes to capacity

building of their organisation;

5. The learning outcomes should be further disseminated.

  • EVS: European Voluntary Service (From 2 weeks to 12 months)

1. partnership between two or more promoting organisations. These

organisations are responsible for recruiting volunteers for their project.

2. Sending Organisation + Receiving Organisation

3. Wide range of fields: culture, youth, sports, children, cultural heritage, arts,

animal welfare, environment and development cooperation.

4. Free accommodation, food, insurance and pocket money.

Both Youth exchanges and EVS provide the participants with a Youthpass: a European recognition tool for non-formal and informal learning in youth work.

How can you apply for EVS?
 (You have to be between 17 and 30)

1. Contact an hosting organisation that is recruiting volunteers for a granted project

2. Contact a sending organisation in your country to discuss starting a project

To contact an organisation, consult the database of accredited organisations.

( the body)

OMIX: Local youth centre:

  • Youth Cards (14 – 30)
  • Submitting projects: EVS, youth exchange, training courses
  • Cultural events, like Noite Meiga
  • English classes and conversation
  • Meditation


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