Urgent: 1 male volunteer needed for EVS project title KIDSLAND of Wild Carpathia association in Sighisoara, Romania.

Call for 1 Spanish volunteer in Sighisoara, Romania for 6 months. URGENT !!! First come, first served !!!

We have just a few more days until the volunteer MUST arrive in Sighisoara and start his EVS experience … The stage will be between 1st February and 1st August 2016

We are looking for 1 motivated person (only male), crazy enough to pack his luggage and travel to Romania.

In Sighisoara are waiting for you 8 more volunteers, partners in your project, and 10 more on different other projects We assure you that you will feel really good with us and you will have an amazing experience … Everybody is waiting to meet you !!!

So make a crazy move … pack everything needed and come to us !!!

More details about the project activities you find in the next lines:

1. “STORYLAND” creative workshops for the manufacture of useful support materials for stories and songs for children particular from countries of origin of the EVS volunteers (story cubes, puppets, masks, board games) playful and creative workshops with children using the support materials made and non-formal solutions such as theater, drawing, crafts, games, etc.

2. “Storyland PLUS” actions for personalization of kindergartens walls with paintings of cartoon characters and stories of the countries represented in the project (including the arrangement of spaces of “Toy Library”)

3. “HAPPYLAND” volunteers, with the support of Sighisoara City Hall will identify families with children in difficult circumstances and develop local campaigns of solidarity with them (mainly local and online fundraising), and by the end of mobility will be created and a e-system remote support for children in need (model inspired by World Vision Romania)

4. “Happyland PLUS” 1-1 actions for social and cultural activities of the age 6-12 years old children from families in difficult situations of social and economic viewpoint


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