EVS project in Check-IN (Portugal), between 7 October 2016 to 6 October 2017

Organisation: Check-In http://www.checkin.org.pt/
Date: 7October 2016 – 6 October 2017 – 12 months
City: Lisbon, Portugal
Proposed Activities
The service learning is a teaching method along the project. Check-In Association offers to the Volunteer the opportunity of:
– Development of volunteer’s language skills, non-formal education and cultural perception;
– Learning the process of organizing civil programs, activities and participating in these;
– Time and effort management skills;
– Development of personal, educational, social and professional skills;
– Developing team spirit and competences on team, as well as, partnership work and teamwork; – Knowledge and involvement with the local community, customs, habits and culture;
– Programming, organization and execution of project;
– Develop computer skills, including working with data bases, basic web design/updating, PowerPoint, etc;
– Learn more about the opportunities the Erasmus + program provides;
– To get experience in various aspects of project management, including developing proposals, prepare reports, plan events;
– Become more flexible and open-minded, get higher adaptability, develop communication skills.
Volunteer Learning opportunities help the volunteers to acquire a knowledge development in the local support and development organizations and the skills and different dynamics in order to achieve it. The constant contact with different cultures and generations creates many kind of non-formal methods, how to deal with unexpected situations and with a large number of people, a number of learning opportunities, training days, networking events, contact with activities with different tools, activities developed as in group as individually, but especially how to develop forms of communication with.
Learning opportunities take many forms, such as direct contact with people/Associations, online resources, discussions, conferences, workshops, etc., opportunities offered along the project.
The volunteers will be integrated in different activities:

PROJECT CHECK INFOrmation – We need a volunteer

The volunteer with the association’s staff will develop Youth Information activities for our member and young people:
.1 – Youth Information Center: To support and help the staff in welcoming young people, to give specific information and material and, answering the users’ requests giving them information. The volunteer to help to organize the space, to collect the information, to create the graphic design, to support a technique support, to create a promotion and make documental activities.
.2 – European Youth Opportunities: To support the staff to develop a sessions about European Programme in schools, universities, youth organizations, municipality,…; The volunteer to help to contact the partner, to organize the space, to create the material to promote the session, to contact the participants, to organize the space and material, to upload the website and facebook, to share the volunteer experience and make documental activities;

PROJECT CHECK INternation  – We need a volunteer

The volunteer with the association’s staff will support international activities for our members and young people:
.1 – European Youth Opportunities: The volunteers will help the staff promote a different international projects (they will contact partners and participants, promotion and prepare a projects, to upload the website and facebook, to share the volunteer experience and make documental activities;
.2 – International relation: support the staff, planning different international projects (logistic support, promotion and support during all processof the project…)
With the support of Check-In Association the all volunteer will develop his own project (according to the interests of the volunteer, the objective of Check-In and the project’s area, planning, fundraising, coordinating finance construction and evaluation.
In the first two weeks, the volunteer will have On-Arrival Training and portuguese Course. After the volunteers will collaborate 30 hours (monday to friday – 10h to 13h and 15h to 18h) during 5 days a week. The schedule can change according to the activities. The volunteer will have 2 free days each week. For these, the activities plan will be organised between the volunteers and coordinator during the adaptation to the organisation (3rd and 4th weeks of the project).
Each Friday, the volunteers will organise evaluate the week and prepare the week after.
Practical arrangements for the volunteers (e.g. proper accommodation and local transportation)?
The volunteer will be hosted in an apartment with different youngsters from different countries, background, knowledge, culture and language. In this way, the volunteer will share the apartment with other EVS volunteers who will create a multicultural atmosphere, and they will be able to support each other once they will be in the same situation. The apartment will be localized near by the organization and provided to the volunteer an apartment totally equipped (washing machine, dishware, sheets, blankets, towels, bed clothes for the entire period of the project) with double or triple bedroom with fully equipped kitchen, toilet, laundry facilities and living room. The volunteer will share the room with other persons from the same gender.
The costs of electricity, water and gas are covered by Check-In Association. If necessary, Check-IN Association will provide a transport card in this way the volunteer will be able to move from accomodation to check-IN Office

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