Intercambio Albania

albaniaTitle:  Youth  EmployAbility
Date: 23-30 Maio 2014 – TBC the last changes

Tirana, Albania – Maybe will be replaced with Durresi, which is very close with Tirana and is seaside city

Participants:  Each promoter may find the number of participants and their personal guiders on the table below  participants must be 18 years – 30 years old, they could be mixed ( disable and non disable)

Costs: 70 % of travel costs for participants and 100% of food and accommodation will be covered by the program, no participation fee.  100 % of travel costs, food and accommodation for guiders covered by the program

Each promoter can find below the maximum amount of travel costs. In case your participants or your organization can not pay in advance for tickets we can buy ticket when we have 100 % confirmed your participants.

 Summary of planned activities:Albanian Blind Association is planning to organize a training course on the framework of Youth in Action Program, action 3.1.  The main aim of the training is to bring together for one week around 30 young people with and without disability from 10 different countries to work together on employability, to lead young people’s capability for gaining and maintaining employment, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of employment of young people, especially those with disabilities.  We aim is to bring together young people from different cultures, with different background in order to have mixed groups. They will discus the challenges and opportunities for young people to be active and accepted equality in the trade markets on different countries.

The training will be organized in Tirana, Albania. The maximum number of participants will be around 30. It is important to respect gender balance of participants with disability or without disability.

Also youth participants could be with fewer opportunities such as social, economical and cultural obstacles (divorced parents, youth from rural areas, ethnic groups etc).

 Working methods: Small and big work groups, group reflections, simulation games, panel discussions, energizers, life stories, sharing experiences.

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