Curso de entrenamiento en Inglaterra “Employability & Entrepreneurship – LICK”

CapacityBuilding In Employability & Entrepreneurship

Training Course

York, UK, 20th to 26th October 2013

Buscamos 3 participantes de entre 18 e 25 anos para o Intercambio Internacional en York (Inglaterra). Para o intercambio cúbrense o 100% da manutención e aloxamento e os participantes só terán que pagar o 30 % da súa viaxe.
O intercambio será do 20 ao 26 de octubre de 2013 . O intercambio “Employability & Entrepreneurship – LICK” é un intercambio xuvenil multilateral
no que participarán 30 participantes (más de 22 años, sin límite de edad) de nueve países (Inglaterra, Italia, Hungria, Portugal, Francia, España, Rumania, Bulgaria e Polonia). Non é preciso nivel de inglés para o Intercambio Internacional
más información:


(OMIX Ribadavia (lunes – viernes 9.30 – 14.30);

This is a 5 day training course aimed at those working on this topic in a cross-cultural setting wishing to improve their confidence in the English language in the context of this priority topic. The aim is to increase the quality and quantity of both localised and European project work to the benefit of all concerned.

It will be held in the medieval city of York, England and provide you with the opportunity not only to practise your language skills with native speakers, but also to discover its beautiful buildings, explore the maze of narrow streets and visit the iconic York Minster. In addition, York has also developed into a trendy cultural centre, and so this interesting mix of history and modern life makes York the ideal place to base the training course. York is situated in beautiful scenic Yorkshire in the ‘real’ England.

This winning combination of content and language will help you to increase the capacity and potential of your organisation by dismantling and removing barriers to communication, thereby helping you to realise your developmental goals. We can help you to gain clarity to the topic in a European context using learner- centred methodology, thereby avoiding ambiguity and misconceptions based on cultural and language differences which the training team have the ability to recognise in every way. By scaffolding a quality learning process which strengthens the confidence and resolve of the participants to work on a European level in their chosen topic, they will create new and improved projects; a tangible measurable outcome for all stakeholders.

We invite 30 participants who are legally resident in programme or neighbouring countries with experience of living and/or working in challenging communities who wish to explore the topic, share tools and experiences to the benefit of all present. You must have a working knowledge of the language and be able to participate in discussions within the group.

This innovative training course will be delivered by a unique and dynamic international team who are all members of the Training Pool for their own National Agency. In addition to which they are all also highly qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language, and so this combination of skills and experience provides an unrivalled wealth of learning and support on a topic that is relevant to you and in way that is both memorable and beneficial to you in your work on a European level. The programme comprises a meaningful and worthwhile series of highly interactive workshops with a strong thread running through it. This has not happened by chance but through years of combined experience and knowledge gained within a strong training team drawn to each other through common values and a passion for a theme such as this. You will be provided with a wealth of opportunities to interact and peer-share, clearly making the most of practising the language at all times. Use of mother tongues will be discouraged from the moment you arrive. We would request that wherever possible, participants do not apply with friends and colleagues as we would like the multiplying effect to be as wide as possible. Preparation work on the topic will be necessary and instructions given in advance of the training.


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