Intercambio en Polonia “Know your rights – SPEAK UP!”

Buscamos 4  participantes de entre 18 e 25 anos para o Intercambio Internacional en Wrocław (Polonia).  Para o intercambio cúbrense o 100% da manutención e aloxamento e os participantes só terán que pagar o 30 % da súa viaxe.
O intercambio será do 1 ao 8 de agosto de 2013 . O intercambio “Know your rights – SPEAK UP!” é un intercambio xuvenil multilateral, no que participarán 30 participantes (18 a 25 anos) de seis países (Armenia, Italia, Ukrania, Georgia, España e Polonia).

* Buscamos a 1 participante de entre 18 e 35 anos de idade con bo coñecemento de Inglés (medio/alto) para o Visita de Preparación Previa (APV) do Intercambio que se levará a cabo do 3 ao 5 de junio. A persoa que participe na Visita de Preparación Previa terá cubertos o 100% dos gastos de viaxe e terá prioridade para asistir o Intercambio Internacional que se celebrará do 1 ao 8 de agosto.

* Non é preciso nivel de inglés para o Intercambio Internacional

Hay que rellenar el siguiente formulario y enviarnos: Ficha participantes polonia

(OMIX Ribadavia (lunes – viernes 9.30 – 14.30);


The exchange rises up the theme of fighting with youth unemployment by encouragement them to take their own initiative- and stand for their rights. Project touches theme of youth exclusion due to level of unemployment in temporary times. By different activities that are plan during 8 days of youth exchange together with young people we would show that participation and involvement in e.g. local communities or in their surroundings, to work changes and to believe that having an attitude of active citizen ” change in life” is possible. We would like to use methods of non-formal learning (simulation games, workshops, discussions, brainstorming, group work) to work out with young people possibilities to increase their level of involvement starting from personal development, education, getting more possibilities on labour marker, fighting for their right to work, learn, be aware of their rights .The 7th day of the exchange will be focused on actual activity- making final event showing as well what activeness and involvement real mean and what impact does it have.

Main aims that are going to be present are as following:

-Active Citizenship and right of European citizen in the contact of Citizen of Europe

-Participation of young people

-Fighting with Youth unemployment ,combating social exclusion”

Dolny Śląsk – la región de Polonia donde Wrocław esta situado:


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